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“Fly not cowards and vile beings for a single knight attacks you!” yelled Don Quixote as he charged against the windmills that he thought to be menacing giants. Chapter 8 (Capítulo Ocho in Spanish) is perhaps the most famous chapter in the best selling book of all time, and the inspiration behind this brand designed to pay homage to Don Quixote de la Mancha. The book was written by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605 and is widely regarded as the most relevant piece of modern literature in western civilization.


CAPITULO 8 GARNACHA showcases an impenetrable thick  purple/violet color with a dark blue sheen, delicious aromas of small fruits and a slight fresh breeze of balsamic tones.


PRODUCER: DBL / Bodegas Tintoralba
LOCATION: Higueruela, Albacete
VARIETALS: Garnacha Tintorera
ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Impenetrable thick purple violet color with a dark blue sheen. Delicious aromas of blackberry and plum with a slight fresh breeze of balsamic tones. Fruit-forward, jammy and approachable. This Garnacha comes from 30-50 year-old vines growing at an altitude of nearly 3,000 feet and yields of under 3 Tons/Ha.

PRODUCTION: 100,000 bottles


Bodegas Tintoralba is a wine cooperative owned by approximately 160 members in the town of Higueruela at 3,000 ft above sea level. Quite possibly the most technically-advanced and quality-centric cooperative we have come across. Over the years members have built up over 1,500 hectares of their own vineyards, an exceptional achievement due to both their size and quality. Thanks to the outstanding leadership of winemaker Pedro Sarrión Martínez, Tintoralba produces awardwinning modern-style wines that reflect the character of the terroir.


Almansa is a unique appellation located in the province of Albacete  about 150 miles west of  Madrid. While technically in the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha, Almansa’s terroir and weather conditions are very different from other regions in La Mancha. With an average altitude of over 3,000 feet from sea level and only 60 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, Almansa’s grapes achieve great level of ripeness without sacrificing acidity, an environment that’s ideal for GARNACHA TINTORERA to blossom. Climate is continental with long, hot summers and freezing winters. The soils are generally poor and stony, with a healthy lime component, which critically retains water effectively. Almansa was awarded DO status in 1966. The appellation draws its name from the largest town in the area, known for its imposing 14th-Century castle, the Castillo de Almansa


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